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Gen AI: The Inaugural On-Chain Decentralized GenAI Companion

A transparent and secure platform for creating AI agents, driven by the community.



Next-Generation Adaptive AI

Adaptive AI combines personalized solutions, transparency, and a community-driven approach with the power of decentralized blockchain technology. It offers natural, customizable conversations and secure interactions, seamlessly integrating into various ecosystems. Prioritizing continuous evolution, the platform ensures scalability and robust performance, evolving with user needs to provide a future-proof, secure, and adaptable AI experience.


On-Chain Architecture

Managing AI processes and workflows directly on the blockchain for decentralized control.


On-Chain Orchestration

Enhancing AI's ability to retrieve and generate information efficiently within the blockchain environment.


On-Chain Vector Database

Centralizing data storage on the blockchain for improved data handling and AI model training.


On-Chain & Off-Chain Inference Engine Support

Allowing flexibility and integration of diverse AI models, both within and outside the blockchain network.


On-Chain AI Agents

Enabling the deployment and operation of AI agents directly within the blockchain, ensuring security and decentralization.


Reverse Gas Fee & Dual Token Economics

Implementing a unique economic model that alleviates user cost burdens and facilitates transactions within the Gen AI ecosystem.

Building the Foundation: From Concept to Whitepaper

Conceptualization and Proof of Feasibility
Our journey began with the vision to democratize AI, blending the innovative potentials of AI and blockchain technology. Assembling a team of experts, we embarked on designing and developing the foundational architecture of Gen AI, achieving a significant milestone with the creation of a proof of concept/prototype. This early model demonstrated the feasibility and on-chain capabilities of Gen AI, setting the stage for the next phases of development.

Whitepaper and Tokenomics

Detailing our ambitious project, the Whitepaper dives into the mechanics of $GENAI and our vision for fully autonomous AGI agents. It introduces a dual token economy: ELNA tokens for governance and Elixir tokens for utility within our ecosystem. This economic model is designed to ensure sustainability and foster a thriving decentralized community.

Expanding Capabilities: Toolkits, Monetization, and the Path to AGI

AI Agent Toolkit

To empower our users, we're developing an AI agent toolkit that enables the creation of personalized AI solutions. This toolkit will support a variety of file formats and data sources, allowing users to automate tasks, integrate with external applications, and leverage AI for comprehensive data analysis and decision-making processes.

AI Agent Monetization and Multi-Model Support

A key future development is the Gen AI Marketplace, which will offer creators a venue to monetize their AI agents. We're also enhancing our platform with multi-model support, accommodating diverse machine learning models for a wide range of processing needs, from image and voice to text and video.

Full-Scale On-Chain LLM Deployment and Toward AGI

Our ultimate goal is the full-scale on-chain deployment of Large Language Models (LLMs), including sophisticated inference engines that support on-chain fine-tuning and pre-training. This paves the way for the creation of AGI—fully autonomous agents with human-like intelligence, capable of understanding, learning, and creatively solving problems while adhering to ethical standards and societal values.
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